Diabolical Sidekick (the1withtheeyes) wrote,
Diabolical Sidekick

Self Portrait Xmas Tuesday

Self Portrait Tuesday 12/25/12

I haven't given myself another assignment yet, although Jonathan did mention I need to keep it up with the Self Portrait Tuesdays.

So here we are. Christmas was on Tuesday this year. We got together and played cameras. Like mine, his house has been over-run by creative projects. We moved from one room to the next, shifting between lighting set ups. Dinner was at a chinese food restaurant, which is absolutely a Christmas classic. I played with a flash, asked a few score of questions, and watched somebody that really knows what they're doing, do what they do. He got me laughing so hard at one point, I was stunned at how happy I was. And the cameras flared. He caught a moment, tits falling out, cradling a camera with a flash, a cigarette, a lighter, and a Jack 'n' Diet Coke, balancing in four inch spiky little things, covered in his coat, while preparing to change locations once again, and shoot outside. I look happy as hell.

So Tuesdays. So art friends. I know… He's kinda cute. What did I tell ya… I make people look good.

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