January 15th, 2013



Self Portrait Tuesday 1/8/12

I like this one. There's a lot of story involved. It seems this painting is taking so long, it will bare it's own season in my story tellings. I didn't paint today. I tried not to paint yesterday. I'm having problems with my wrist. I expect to start painting shortly after I return with my boring coffee, tomorrow. I don't want this one to be on display, not now, and not when it's done. I may hang it in my bedroom while I complete my relationship with it. It is too big though, for any place in my bedroom unless I remove yet another door in my house. I don't know if I've ever lived without a bedroom door. I don't know if it matters. Maybe we'll find out.
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Ken and Phil came by tonight. We went to dinner in my current, usual, spot. I haven't seen Ken since I was in NYC last. He was passing through town this past weekend. I neglected to get shots of them. I thought they'd be a good story of my night. But here we have it; me back to work. When I take breaks, I sometimes hang what I'm working on in the living room and stand outside trying to get the furthest perspective I ca on it. There's a TV in that shot. It just sits there, intrusively. Why I have't gotten rid of it yet, I don't know.

Onward. Next day.
B&W self portrait



The paint gets everywhere. I find it in places it really shouldn't be. Few people see me when I go deep. Brian loves it when I go there. He gets it. Spence would think me silly, and adore me with that smile that shows I've just cracked his heart wide open.
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